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1.What music do you listen to? Just about everything... punk, metal, hell even some reggae... and the list goes on
2.What are you favorite cartoons, anime, TV or Movie? Invader Zim, Happy Tree Friends, Rocco's Modern Life, The Osbournes, The Tom Green Show, Jackass
3. What is your favorite book/author? Hmm... SO corny but The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis
4. What do you wanna be when you grow up? Possibly a psychologist or psychiatrist, something with people
5. Do you know where babies come from?
-if yes, where? Well see if you go deep into the forest in a very secret spot you will find weird leaves (a cabbage patch?) with babies in them! There's really cool music in the background and weird little faeries that do god-knows-what with those babies... wow i need some more caffeine...
6.I know your worth being in the clique, tell everyone else why- Cuz I know what Linux and Modest Mouse are and how Screeching Weasel got its name :) (A friend of the band saw a college kid with a shirt that said "I've got a screaming otter in my pants!" The friend suggested they name their band that, and they changed it slightly to Screeching Weasel) Muahaha i hope that gets me in the club :) Oh yes and im sXe
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