ALEJANDRA (alejjandraperez) wrote in mad_bot_sex,


1.What music do you listen to?
anything that is not utter crap i.e. rap.
2.What are you favorite cartoons, anime, TV or Movie?
I love cowboy bebop and harry potter. I am a nerd.
3. What is your favorite book/author?
Twelve by Nick something... McDonnell i think.
4. What do you wanna be when you grow up?
I want to be a famous writer and boast about how good my writing is and how you should all soak it in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5. Do you know where babies come from?
yes I do.
-if yes, where?
they come from the fiery spazzisms of HELL
6.I know your worth being in the clique, tell everyone else why-
because if one is not worthy of being in a clique, why would they join?
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