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Okay kids, this must stop.

Alright everybody, I'm fuckin sick of this. I'm a strong lover of good gossip and small feuds, but I think we've gone far enough. I think I'm still on fairly good terms with most of you, so I'm probably best qualified to at least attempt this.

We are a Clan/Tribe/Clique/Community/Thing, right? Well, I have sensed too much discension amongst our ranks. We need Clan unity, or we're just gonna split up. I've seen it happen many times. It actually seems to happen alot as soon as I arrive in a Clan. Funny how that works. I'm like the Crow of Ill-Fortune. In a sick sort of way, I'm kinda proud of my supernatural ability to create discension amongst friends inadvertantly. Finally, I've discovered my super-human power.
But I digress. Certain things have made me incredibly angry about certain members of out Clan. of them being THE LACK OF SUPPORT THAT WE OFFER EACH OTHER. Christ, people. I'm going to give two examples of this.
After a friend of ours lost her virginity, which is a pretty big freaking event, instead of offering her support, a few of you (who shall remain nameless, but you know who you are) ATTACKED her decision and ATTACKED her. When somebody makes that sort of decision, they deserve our support instead of ridicule. That should just be a no-brainer. It's called being decent. I think we should all try it some time.
Another example is when another friend of ours found happiness. She is one of these people who find themselves unhappy more often than not, as I've come to understand, and one day, she found herself HAPPY. Instead of giving our support and congratulations at this sudden (and well-deserved) emotional change, a few of us decided to ridicule her for it. When somebody finds happiness, dont take it away from them with biting words and scorn. And when you find your happiness, dont let others who do that take it from you. I know from experience how fucking hard it is to get yourself above that point where you would rather walk into traffic than continue on with what seems like one pile of flaming dogshit after another. When you finally reach that point where flaming dogshit turns into beds of roses, you dont need people mocking where or how you found this happiness. That will enevitably just reverse the whole event of becoming happy. Think about it, people.

These kinds of things piss me off to no end. Now, I realize that I dont know the whole story, I probably dont even know half of the story. All I know is what I see, and I see THIS kind of thing. I dont like it, and it bothers me. And maybe I'm wrong. Maybe my POV is skewed and I dont see the times when you are supportive and comforting and decent, but even that doesnt excuse alot of what I see and hear from you guys. Understand that I dont hold anything I see against you, because I love every one of you. I dont judge people, I judge actions, and what I have written here is not an attack on YOU who have been a part of the things i have mentioned or similar things, it just an attack upon what feels wrong to me. Again, I love every one of you, even when it seems like I dont. This is meant to help you gain some insight on the things that have happened from a different perspective and maybe gain some wisdom from it, no matter how tiny, insignifigant, or skewed the bits of knowledge (to gain said wisdom from it) are. Please play nicely, boys and girls. I dont want to be mad at any of you.

Much love,
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