[Insert shitty emo name here] (_jimbo_) wrote in mad_bot_sex,
[Insert shitty emo name here]

Solstice Bash

Greetings, MadBots

Jimbo is hosting a Solstice Bash at his place of residence. This takes place on the 27th of December, 826 Northland Drive. A precise time has not been set, but i'm thinking maybe something to the tune of 1300 hours, central. Jimbo reserves the right to change the time, and any time changes will be posted here when more items about this gathering become clear. The party shall be dry to my knowledge, I will not be providing any alcoholic beverages, and it's strongly reccommended that you not bring any, seeing as how my folks will be home. We may or may not be feeding you. Another loose end which hasnt been tied up yet. Anybody who reads this is welcome to come, but let me know if you plan on showing up by commenting here, or giving me a call, which would be 241-7138. Madbots and Non-Madbots alike are welcome to come.

More details will be posted here and on Jimbo's LJ when the time comes that they are decided. Hope to see you there.

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